The concept of company mission statements and their relevance are as polarizing a debate as any in the annals of management science. Some argue that a company's mission gives its purpose and establishes a framework for formulating a corporate strategy. Others argue that mission statements are little more than bizspeak, and present an unrealistic view of what the company is actually able to accomplish. This gap between what’s aspirational and what’s achievable isn’t merely a debate about mission statements. The larger the gap, the greater the disconnect between the company’s promised value and the ROI realized by its customers.

Our Mission

At Stotle, we are organized around the singular objective of enabling business analysis at the speed of thought. You could even call it our mission statement. We take it seriously. We don’t just put in on our website because it sounds cool or because every brand needs a tagline. So, what does this statement mean to us, and how does it affect our customers?

How Our Mission is More than a Tagline

For every business decision, we evaluate our options based on the answer to the question: Does this best advance our mission to enable analysis at the speed of thought? Asking this question is the clearest way to ensure that the entire Stotle team is staying focused on our mission. As a SaaS company, our core business function is to develop software that delights our customers. Therefore, there is no better way to implement our mission than tailoring our R&D process to deliver on that goal. We didn’t start off with the goal to build the life science industry’s first search-based analytics platform. We decided to focus on search only after concluding that search provided the best approach to enabling analysis at the speed of thought.

Consider what happens with traditional BI solutions. The user is thinking of a specific business question or situation, and this prompts them to log in. But, once they log in their thought process is broken because they now have to conform to the navigation of the BI system which is built around system object rather than the user’s thought process. The user generally has to navigate through a series of screens and the final insight is often buried among other irrelevant information that is not of present interest. This means the user has to deal with a very low signal-to-noise ratio. Our R&D process, therefore, focused on two things: a navigation based on the user’s thought process, and a very high signal-to-noise ratio.

Infinity™ allows the business user to interact with the data through a single search box. The search box is interactive and guides the user to the right destination as he or she types her intent.  Once the right analysis is zeroed on, Infinity™ strips away all other extraneous data and delivers just the insight the user cares about reducing the noise and improving the signal ratio. There you have it. Our mission isn’t just a marketing message aimed outward, it’s our guiding light, the GPS for our roadmap, and the touchstone for our decision-making. It’s more than a tagline.